What are our goals?

What do we want to achieve?

Our goal is creating a coalition of Dutch and European organisations working together on energy production in the North Sea. The Netherlands has lived alongside water and wind for centuries. We are two-thirds water, including the North Sea, which has presented a unique role in the transition to sustainable energy. Recently, the Dutch government has decided to significantly expand the production of sustainable energy in the North Sea, including wind energy and hydrogen production. ABP, APG, and  SSE Renewables have established ‘Noordzeker’ to ensure this energy benefits as many current and future Dutch citizens. 

Collective energy

The Netherlands benefits from a stable energy supply that is independent of political developments in the rest of the world. We want to contribute to a reliable supply for sustainable energy at a fair price. 

IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone

Under the Dutch government’s “Wind Op Zee” (Wind at Sea) program, several new tenders have been made available. The Noorzeker consortium aims to participate in these tenders, beginning with the IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone (IJVER) which includes two parcels of two gigawatts each in an area 62 kilometres off the IJmuiden coast in the west of the Netherlands. Under the Noordzeker initiative, we have already begun preparing for this tender, which is expected to be submitted by the end of 2023. 

Power from the wind farms will be connected to the Dutch energy grid by the network operator TenneT. The government plans to expand capacity in the upcoming years. 

Noordzeker wants to secure wind energy in the North Sea for the Netherlands.