Who is Noordzeker?

Noordzeker is a coalition by and for the Netherlands, consisting of ABP pension fund, APG pension investor, and SSE Renewables developer and operator of renewable energy. We aim to collaborate with organisations across Europe to develop solutions for a sustainable future that benefits all. These include research institutions, specialised companies, universities, environmental organisations, and government agencies. We set the bar high. 

Instead of focusing on making short-term profits, our goal is to provide affordable and sustainable energy for the coming decades. Our idea of sustainability includes collaborating and building long-lasting relationships with experts from fields such as renewable energy, ecology, and system integration. By working together, we can achieve groundbreaking innovations and provide efficient, reliable production of wind energy.

About ABP

APB has served as the pension fund for government and education workers for 100 years, with 1 in 6 Dutch citizens currently receive a pension from ABP, a trend expected to continue in the future. Our participants want us to invest their pension funds locally and sustainably. We strive to contribute to better job creation and the further development of the Dutch knowledge economy for a better future. Along with delivering good returns, we are committed to serving public interest by investing in solutions for the Netherlands.

About SSE Renewables

SSE Renewables is a developer and operator of renewable energy in the UK and Ireland and is currently expanding its operations further in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Currently, SSE Renewables owns the largest stock of renewable energy capacity in the UK and Ireland; comprising 2 GW of onshore wind, 0.5 GW of offshore wind and 1.5 GW of hydropower. SSE Renewables plans to double its share of renewables to 8 GW by 2026 and over 13 GW by 2031. The group also plans to quintuple its renewable energy output to more than 50 TWh a year; enough to power about 20 million households a year.