Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Noordzeker team up to work on marine biodiversity

October 10, 2023

Pension fund ABP, SSE Renewables, and Naturalis Biodiversity Center have signed an agreement to work on biodiversity at sea. ABP and SSE Renewables are participating in the tender for wind energy area IJmuiden Ver through the coalition Noordzeker. With a team of more than 120 researchers, Naturalis is the Netherlands' leading research institute in the field of biodiversity. Noordzeker and Naturalis find a partner in each other to emphasize the importance of biodiversity.

Because we want wind energy that is good for people and planet.

Because we want wind energy that is good for people and planet.

Wind energy is the energy source of the future; it is clean, affordable, and sustainable. That is why the Dutch government wants much more wind energy in the Netherlands, especially in the North Sea. ABP wholeheartedly supports this desire and is the initiator of 'Noordzeker', a coalition aimed at realizing a large wind farm in the North Sea. "With Noordzeker, we have the ambition to develop a large wind farm in the North Sea. With this we can ensure not only a good pension but also affordable and clean energy for our participants and the Netherlands," said Harmen van Wijnen, ABP Board Chairman."That is why Noordzeker and Naturalis Biodiversity Center are joining forces to work on biodiversity because we want wind energy that is good for people and planet." 
Maaike van de Kamp-Romijn, deputy general director of Naturalis: "All life depends on each other. To maintain that balance, Naturalis studies biodiversity. Much is still unknown about life in and above the sea. We also see that biodiversity in the Netherlands is not doing well. We see in Noordzeker a partnership that takes biodiversity seriously. We look forward to working together in wind farm IJmuiden Ver."

For Noordzeker, cooperation with Naturalis is of great importance. In the tender criteria for the IJmuiden Ver wind area, the Dutch government sets high requirements for sustainability and ecology in addition to financial criteria. Noordzeker will offer a market-based price that is in the interests of ABP's 3.1 million pension participants. Together, Noordzeker and Naturalis want to make maximum efforts to protect biodiversity and ecology. In the coming months, this cooperation will be shaped further.

About Naturalis Biodiversity Center  

With a team of more than 120 researchers, Naturalis Biodiversity Center is the national research institute in the Netherlands in the field of biodiversity. Naturalis is a Dutch research center focused on biodiversity conservation. Through knowledge and data, Naturalis maps the diversity of life on Earth. This is crucial because biodiversity is essential for our future. Naturalis contributes to solutions for major global issues related to climate and the environment through scientific research, nature conservation initiatives, and educational projects.