Why now?

Energy is subject to political developments and we want more control over our own energy management. Moreover, the energy transition is progressing too slowly. If we want to achieve the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement, we must accelerate the transition. ABP, APG, and SSE Renewables are taking the energy supply of the Netherlands into their own hands and making sustainability a priority. 

By investing significantly in energy generation in the North Sea now, we are contributing to the availability of reliable, stable, and fairly priced sustainable energy for tomorrow. 

Sustainable energy

For centuries, wind and water have been a part of Dutch social and economic DNA, and now they offer a huge opportunity for the Netherlands in its pursuit for sustainable energy. The Dutch government is committed to developing and constructing large-scale offshore wind farms in the upcoming years. 

Energy as collective ownership

We believe in the power of engagement and collaboration, which is why ABP and its administrator APG have been investing in projects that not only generate returns for our participants' pensions, but also contribute to the collective good. This was exemplified through their collaboration with KPN, where they connected 1.2 million Dutch households and businesses in small towns to fibre-optic internet from its creation of Glaspoort. Furthermore, ABP is also investing in wind farms in Germany, France, and Sweden.