How does this affect returns for ABP participants?

We invest Dutch pension funds and join forces with Dutch and European companies to enable offshore energy production. In the interest of contributing to stable and sustainable energy supplies for homes and business in the Netherlands, we invest Dutch pension funds to enable offshore energy production. We do so by collaborating with Dutch and European companies. That is good for, not only the pension of 1 in 6 Dutch citizens, but also climate, employment, and energy security. 

About returns

Investing in sustainable energy aligns with the expectations of a good pension plan. Noordzeker is focused on the long-term, and in addition to generating good returns, the project will provide long-lasting benefits to society. We take into account the impact of this project over several decades and manage market price by entering into long-term contracts to provide stable and reliable energy supply for wind energy consumers. 

About investing pension funds

Pension funds are responsible for providing their participants with the best possible pension payout. At the same time, we also share the responsibility of maintaining a livable society. By investing in renewable energy generation, we contribute to both long-term good returns for our participants as well as a sustainable future for society.