Building a good pension together in a liveable world

Building a good pension together in a liveable world

September 31, 2023

As the largest pension fund in the Netherlands, ABP is committed to delivering financial and social returns for the Netherlands. Investing in the energy transition is one of the important ways we are working towards a sustainable future.

Offshore wind energy has enormous potential to accelerate the Dutch energy transition. By investing heavily in sustainable energy generation in the North Sea now, we contribute to the availability of sustainable energy for the Netherlands of tomorrow. 

Sustainable energy of and for the Netherlands

We want that energy to benefit the Netherlands, both current and future generations. That is why ABP has set up 'Noordzeker'. Noordzeker is committed to large-scale wind energy generation in the North Sea, ensuring sustainable energy of and for the Netherlands. 

Several new tenders are being issued in the government's Wind At Sea programme. Noordzeker has the ambition to participate in the IJmuiden Ver (IJVER) tender. IJmuiden Ver concerns a tender for 2 lots of 2 GW each.

Energy security

We invest Dutch pension money and join forces with Dutch and European organisations to enable offshore energy generation. In this way, we contribute to a stable and sustainable energy supply for the Netherlands. And we benefit from this now and later together. That is good for the pension of 1 in 6 Dutch people, that is good for the climate and the energy security of the Netherlands.

About return

The investment in renewable energy meets the return expectations needed for a good pension. Noordzeker is focused on the long term. We look at the effect over a period of decades. We absorb price fluctuations in the market by concluding long-term contracts. This leads to a reliable energy supply for wind power customers.

About investing pension money

ABP's mission is: building together for a good pension in a liveable world. This mission forms the starting point the formulation of our investment beliefs. By investing in energy generation from renewable sources, we contribute to a good long-term return for our participants and a sustainable future for society.